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About Us

1.primary or basic.
2.related to or embodying the powers of nature.


  • Beautiful skin isn't always healthy - however healthy skin is always beautiful.
  • The key to naturally beautiful skin is YOU - your skin, your body & your being.
  •  We believe that nature has provided us with all we need. We are humbled by and have immense trust in the healing and rejuvenative energy that is contained in every drop or gram of any natural ingredient that we use.
  • Our products aim to support your skin and its corresponding systems to optimally repair, rejuvenate, maintain and protect itself.
  • The result is refreshingly natural beauty that is REAL & HEALTHY, no matter your age, skin tone or skin condition.
  • We believe in a nourished, natural & enlightened approach to skin & body care.
  • We are inspired by natural & holistic remedies from around the world & across cultures.
  • Our formulations are simple & basic yet highly effective.
  • Using only high quality natural & organic ingredients without the use of harsh or synthetic ingredients.

We believe that your skin is smart and is very good at keeping itself healthy and balanced.

 However, most of us unknowingly sabotage this ability by over cleansing, over moisturising, over scrubbing and just putting too many products on our skin. Yet, in spite of diligently doing so day in and day out, we find that our skin remains oily/dry, or that we still have uneven skin tone, or blemishes, or early wrinkles and lines.

Which is why K.I.S is all about keeping it simple and pure because as we said earlier, we believe that your skin is smart and is able to take perfectly good care of itself if we support it instead of sabotaging it. 

As with starting any new skincare regime, we strongly advise our customers to always do a skin patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to any of our natural ingredients. A simple way to do this is to apply a small amount of product behind the ears and leave it there for 24 hours. If there is no negative skin reaction like itchiness, redness or burning, then it is safe to use. However, if you experience any of the said negative reactions, discontinue use immediately.

Our Skin Care Values

1) We believe all forms of soap, be it natural or surfactant (a.k.a soap free) based, may be too harsh for your face, especially as one gets older. Instead of soap, we use all natural ingredients that deeply cleanse without stripping your skin and disrupting its natural sebum balance. 

2) Because we respect your skin and its innate abilities and functions, our formulas are kept minimal so that your skin can do what it does best with the support of the right ingredients to keep it healthy, balanced and positively glowing! 

3) At night, your skin is hard at work regenerating itself, balancing sebum production and expelling impurities. 

Regular application of night creams interferes with these essential tasks, and over time skin becomes less able to care for itself. Use of night-time moisturizers signals the sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production, resulting in even drier skin. Over time, skin becomes dependent on moisturizing products just to appear "normal."

Which is why at K.I.S we believe in skipping the heavy night creams or oils. All balanced skin needs at night is thorough yet gentle cleansing and toning, which is where our Face Cleansing Powder and Hydrosols/ Toners comes in. Our non-comedogenic Face Oils are perfect to be used as a make up remover when using the oil cleansing method.

If you feel like your skin really needs some moisturization at night, you can apply our oil-free Aloe Vera Face Moisturizing Spray.

4) During the day is when your skin will appreciate some moisturising to protect it from the elements. Our Precious Face Oil is a pure and power-packed moisturiser that is made from ultra light hydrating and healing oils perfect for our tropical weather. They also contain all the natural goodness to feed your skin and help it looking radiant and energised! You will only need a few drops mixed with any of our natural toners for nutrient dense moisturisation that is free from any fillers, synthetic emulsifiers or preservatives! Check out our single blend oils if you're interested in D.I.Ying your very own face oil!

5) We believe that nothing beats fresh and hand-made skin care made from simple ingredients like raw honey, fresh yoghurt and even the humble rice grain. Which is why we also sell easy and effective D.I.Y beauty kits that empower anyone to make their own nutrient packed skin care right from their own home! 

6) We also firmly believe that everyone deserves healthy skin, irrespective of whether they can afford high quality natural skincare or not! If our products are out of your budget, or if you prefer to DIY, then please check out our Healthy Skin DIY Guide here!

K.I.S Elemental Skin Care is hand made in small batches using only the highest quality natural or organic raw materials. Our formulations are purposefully kept minimal to ensure you reap the maximum benefit from each and every ingredient. This way, we also avoid the need for preservatives as much as possible or if the need arises, we use only natural based preservative systems. When used within the recommended time frame of 3- 12 months from the time of first use (varies between products), and avoiding direct skin contamination during use, our products will remain fresh and safe. The result... healthy, balanced and glowing skin!

K.I.S Elemental Skin Care is founded by Sal, a mom who was struggling with dry skin until she learned about the healing powers of all natural ingredients for skin care. Through experience and years of trial and error, she came up with the current skin care line to help everyone achieve balanced, healthy skin!